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Conceptual Plans

Conceptual Plans are scaled drawings to help provide you with a concept of what will fit on the site of your renovation.

Conceptual Plans provide a starting point to help begin discussion for future consultations with engineers, architects, or even with a community of elected officials who may need to assist in gathering public input.

Conceptual plans may include:


  • Creating documents needed for contractors from which they will construct your project, and any necessary building permits as required.

  • Finalizing details for floor plans, elevations, cabinet and finish specifications, lighting plans, door and window schedules, etc.

  • Review and coordination of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical details according to project scope.

  • Deliverables: Finalized set of documents. Any further changes will be documented as addenda or change requests/change orders.

With this plan, you get one revision of the design layout. Any other revisions or additions will be billed at an hourly rate of $150.00.

With this plan, you get one revision of the design layout.  Any other additions or changes will be charged our hour-base rate of $150.00.

Contact WCA Interiors for more information.

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