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Are you a DIY’er? Then this service is for you! E-design is working with us and having access to our interior design services entirely online. We help you plan a beautiful design for your home that you can do yourself. Our E-design services present an affordable way to work with us and still get a unique room or home designed especially for you.

You’ll receive a virtual design displaying color selections, furniture, and room accents. All of this work is done by room measurements and photography, which are used to capture the room layout.


E-Design is also perfect if you love my style, but live outside of the immediate service area of the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, or Bucks County.

E-Design Package

Room measurements and photography are used to capture the room layout, creating a virtual design to display color selections, furniture, and room accents.

E-design Working Session: What is it?
An E-Design is a 90-minute online design and style consultation. During this working session, we’ll target specific areas of your home or business that need some TLC. We’ll provide actionable advice and guidelines to help you solve your design dilemma or kickstart a large project.
How does it work?
Ready to get started? Please follow these steps: 
 Book a time slot & purchase your session.

2. Please fill out this questionnaire.

3. Share photos and room measurements with WCA Interiors prior to the session.

4. 90-minute video consultation.
5. We create a mood board for you, which includes links for shoppable furniture and accessories.

1. Can I use multiple rooms for my E-Design package?

Yes, you can. Please provide as much information as possible when filling out your questionnaire. We'll then make recommendations (including how much we can complete) during your 90-minute E-Design session.
2. What if I need more than 90 minutes of time?

You may purchase additional time, based on our hourly rate.

3.What's included in the guide/report I receive after our session?

What you will receive may be a combination of deliverables, including a written list of recommendations, mood board images, and a video of our Zoom consultation. 
4. Can I reschedule my time ?

Yes, you may reschedule if the original time doesn't work out for you. There is no fee at this time for rescheduling. 

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