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Sometimes, renovating a space – from a home to a business – just can’t be put off. Electrical problems, plumbing problems, roof leaks, or cracks in the foundation are some problems that must be taken care of to keep your family safe or to prevent partial or total loss of a home or building.

Renovations may also include broken, damaged, or out-of-date structures for commercial or residential buildings and rooms. We help to transform the space by making it new or bringing it back to life. Renovations may also help add to the actual everyday value of the home, which is important to keep track of as a homeowner.


“Renovation” doesn’t have to be a big, scary word! Let Wandra handle the finer details, and you’ll see your space in a whole new way once it’s strengthened and revived.Take a look at some examples below, and Contract Wandra now to get started on your property renovation.

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