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Wandra's Story

My name is Wandra Neal Cain, and I thank you for stopping by. I have a passion for people and who they are, and it’s my desire to bring that to YOUR personal spaces. Whether those spaces are at home or at work, it brings me great satisfaction to see the joy that appears on my clients’ faces. I design with integrity and distinction, and I’m proud to make every interior unique.

As the CEO and founder of WCA Interiors – a premier design and decorating firm located in Easton, Pennsylvania – I pride myself in turning your space into your sanctuary.

Texture and Patterns

"I love to  curate spaces that are unique and turn  them into someone's special sanctuary."

My 25+ years in entrepreneurship includes a successful beauty business, a transition into real estate, and then a degree in Interior Design. I truly believe that interior design is about creating a beautiful space that nourishes the soul, and I take everything I learn about you and pour it into my heart’s work – which is making your house a home. I love serving and creating with a spirit of excellence.

"I love serving and creating with a spirit of excellence," is what I often tell my clients.

My award-winning portfolio includes interior designs for both residential and commercial clients, and my experiences are developed from working in conjunction with builders, contractors, vendors, and many trade associations. My vision is YOUR vision: I want to design interiors for you that are filled with affordable luxury tailored to individual needs and desires.

I can’t wait to meet you, so let’s talk and discuss how we can turn your dream space into a reality!

"Interior design is about creating a beautiful  space that nourishes the soul."

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