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"WanderHeart Chronicles: Journeys of Vision, Depth, and Connection"

Updated: Mar 25

"Oh, the places you will go," as the book of Hanukkah teaches us to write the vision and make it plain. I have decided to truly focus on this message for myself in 2024. Each week, I write out the things I have planned or hoped for that I wish to come to fruition.

This year, I embarked on an adventure that I had planned but did not anticipate unfolding as it has. This journey has taken on a life of its own, intersecting with my roles as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom.

One highlight was my visit to the beautiful state of Colorado, accompanying my husband who works there. I had always longed to visit, especially since becoming a fan of the University of Colorado football team. Despite our brief stay, the morning view from our hotel suite was simply breathtaking. Drawing back the drapes to see the snow-capped mountains reaching toward the clouds was a sight of pure beauty. Driving along the highways, surrounded by stunning views in every direction, was truly awe-inspiring.

The following week, I traveled to Tennessee for what I had anticipated to be a work-focused trip with a bit of leisure time. As an entrepreneur wearing multiple hats as an interior designer, commercial property owner, and mentor to startup entrepreneurs, the visit presented diverse opportunities. From a site visit for a commercial design project to gaining insights into a small town's development process, each experience was enlightening. Moreover, visiting my owned property added rich layers to my roles as a landlord and real estate investor. All in all, the trip reinforced valuable lessons accumulated over my three-decade entrepreneurial journey.

Another venture took me to the state of Ohio, potentially one of the last visits before my daughter graduates in May 2024. A proud mother, I accompanied her back to school after a brief visit home from spring break. Witnessing the city's growth in construction and development work stirred a mix of emotions, yet the long road trip home was rewarding, knowing my daughter's success made it worthwhile.

The most recent trip on my journey was an unexpected visit to Illinois for the funeral celebration

of my eldest uncle. This bittersweet gathering allowed me to honor his memory while cherishing precious moments with my family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins. These unplanned experiences have added depth and richness to my year's narrative, offering lessons, memories, and reflections that continue to shape my path forward

“WanderHeart- a brand centered around a traveler influencer, philanthropist, and interior designer life. This name combines the essence of travel, compassion, creativity, and design, reflecting a holistic approach to making a positive impact through design and philanthropy.

`Wandra Neal Cain

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