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Updated: May 9, 2023

Week 3 ORC laundry room makeover.

Laundry rooms are often overlooked spaces in homes, but they play a crucial role in keeping us clean and fresh. Whether you have a small space or a large one, a well-designed laundry room can make laundry day less of a chore. Here are some key things I consider when designing my laundry room:

It's often the small things that enhance our lives. With this in mind, I would like to beautify my laundry room from top to bottom, including the paint, wallpaper, and flooring, and door .

Given the limited space of 11x7, I am intent on minimizing clutter and maximizing floor space. To achieve this, I plan to create a multi-functional unit that will serve three purposes and free up some space. The unit will be built over my washer and dryer, with the base serving as a folding table and ironing board. The back side will also function as a cover to conceal my plumbing, yet remain easily removable should any issues arise."

Another key item is our sink, yes it is a utility sink but who says it can’t have a nice design style? Order placed waiting on deliver installing in week 4


Interiors Doors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room, serving as a beautiful focal point that can elevate the overall interior design. Along with their functional purpose, door design details and color choices can make a significant impact in transforming the atmosphere within a space. The right door style can create a strong architectural statement and bring added depth, dimension, and character to your home

Week 3

✅Build unit over washer and dryer

✅ Painting done

✅door delivered

Week 4

  • door installing in week 4.

  • Flooring  to be installed in week 4

  • sink - deliver date 4/25

Week 5

  • Wall paper install

Have a great week


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Rose Jones-Boyd
Rose Jones-Boyd
Apr 25, 2023

This is great and did not take into account my laundry room can be amazing. The door was a great idea. Never thought about installing a sink with a base cabinet. Thanks for the great items Wandra.


The new door is beautiful! I cannot wait to see what it looks like installed. Wandra you have a keen eye for details, so I'm looking forward to all the small things that find you to pull your vision together as well. Wandra you brighten up every room with both your design execution and your presence. =)


Wow! This is so amazing and the dream website for anyone who is renovating, interior designing or just ready for a new look…in any area of their home! I simply love it and can’t wait see how Wandra’s going to use her expertise to bring this laundry room all together!!!


I love what Wandra is doing with her laundry room and am looking forward to seeing the finished area! It’s an area we use a lot - and she’s right! It should be an area that makes us “feel good.”


Della Ligon
Della Ligon
Apr 24, 2023

Oh my goodness! The creative ideas of Wandra Cain are so energizing. Looking forward to the final results in this laundry room makeover. I’d love to see the nature wallpaper with the 🐝. I’m loving this!

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