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It is the end of week 7 of the One Room Challenge, and we are thrilled to report that we have reached 90% completion! We can hardly contain our excitement for the reveal next week. I am in love with my door knobs Schaubhardware :

However, we have hit a bit of a snag. Unfortunately, the light fixture we were expecting has yet to arrive, placing a slight delay in our progress.

So I thought I would try this beautiful Chandelier that looks so great in the room with my Milton & King Wallpaper

You may have heard that designers are known to break the rules regarding room design. While there is some truth to this, we firmly believe that in some cases, rules should not be broken no matter how great the light fixture may appear.

In our opinion, sticking to the rules is the key to creating a cohesive and functional space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Here are the rules when it comes to selecting your light fixture for the laundry room.

The size and height of a chandelier for a laundry room will depend on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. As a general rule, the chandelier should be about one-third the width of the room and the bottom of the fixture should hang no lower than 7 feet from the floor. If the ceiling is higher than 9 feet, you can adjust the height of the chandelier accordingly. A good range for the size would be between 20-30 inches in diameter.

This Beauty does not fit the requirements, my husband is too tall he would not be able to help with laundry and I do not want to give him any excuse not to engage at least once a month.

Don’t worry according to my friends at Fed X - the light that I have ordered will arrive by Tuesday morning.  And yes I love it . Who knows maybe I can find a client who loves the vintage chandelier and it works perfectly in their home.

A few more accessories and this spring @One Room Challenge laundry room is a wrap.

I have enjoyed it and can’t wait to share the full Reveal with you all next week in the final week 8 big REVEAL

Thanks for following along


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